On April 9, 2012 Curls Studio attended WWE RAW with Curls and Toast posters to grab the camera’s attention. Here is the post we did where we announced we’d be there and for you to look for our signs on live TV: http://www.curls-studio.com/curls/?p=1534

We have gathered the photos we took, the photos submitted to us by the fans of Curls Studio, and the official photos shot by WWE which were posted on their website in one gallery for viewing here: http://astrayproductions.com/images/simple/raw/raw.html

In addition, Astray Productions gathered all the moments our signs were on TV (which totaled almost 12 minutes of airtime) and you can watch the montage on YouTube. Thanks to everyone who sent in screenshots and saw our signs live. You rock! Keep looking for more Curls characters to pop up when you least expect it.


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