On Saturday, May 12, 2012 Curls Studio journeyed to the land of Bam Bam Bigelow to exhibit at the first-ever Asbury Park Comic Con in New Jersey at Asbury Lanes, a bowling alley by day and rock club by night near the boardwalk. Since this was a new show, I wasn’t sure what to expect: the venue seemed cool, but my main concern as an exhibitor was the audience and hopes that people would show up. My expectations were mid-level with an exploring mind to check this show out, but this show soared above my estimate! We had a great time, ate tater tots, met new people, enjoyed awesome music, took photos in a cool retro photo booth, and did very well in regards of making table and more.

Many of the people we met had NEVER been to a comic convention before and were open about different types of books in the comic medium. Customers were looking for all-ages books and Kid Roxy and Black Magic Tales did very well! I got a few comments from guys about how they enjoy my art style and that even if the content isn’t ‘up their alley’ they respected the art. I take this as a compliment because my work is adorable and I understand if manly-men might not want to read it, but it’s great that they told me they enjoy the art. I would also instruct them to check out The Legettes!

There was also a little girl who came by the table four times for different purchases. She is our top repeat customer. It was so nice to see her with a little purse picking out a Curls patch, a button, and the first issue of Kid Roxy. I also drew her a sketch of Roxy Monroe from Black Magic Tales in her notebook. I think it’s awesome that kids read comics and can tell this segment of the comics industry will burst open soon. Many parents we talked to were enthusiastic to seek books and read with their children.

I think the show’s success also had to do with the location being close in proximity to New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC. This helped get a diverse amount of talent to appear at the show, including Evan Dorkin, who I got to sign my copy of the Beasts of Burden hardcover. Everyone at the show was happy to be there and we enjoyed meeting a new crowd.